IMG_0090I am an entomologist/biologist currently living in Duluth, MN. I began doing biological illustrations of insects in my first entomology class to learn the body parts.  I also keep mason bees and honey bees and have tried a handful of projects related to both. This blog is intended to be a place to display my drawings and also just a place to post short notes about other entomology-related things from my day-to-day. If you have suggestions or questions, please comment!



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    1. Thanks, Mary! I haven’t put much thought into how I would display them in an exhibit at this point, but I will certainly keep that in mind when I do!


  1. Hi! Love your drawings! We’d like to use your Bombus affini illustration for a blog post and enewsletter – would that be possible? We’ll credit however you require. Thanks for considering our request! Jane


    1. Hi Jane. That should be no problem, provided that you credit me using my full name (Claire Lande). I would be happy to send you a higher quality image of the drawing if you would like.


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