St. Kate’s bee-shirt

Last summer, folks in the St. Kate’s biology department got wind of my insect drawings, so when I was in town I went in to talk about possibly drawing something for the Biology Club t-shirt.  If you didn’t know, I did my B.A. in biology at St. Kate’s, and in my last year there worked on the then-new green roof and designed my first bio club t-shirt. While we were catching up (I hadn’t visited since I left in 2009!), we got to talking about bees and bee habitat and I remember thinking ‘the green roof would be the PERFECT place for a honey bee hive.’  Well it turns out it is. The bio club will soon be the proud supporters of a bee hive, in collaboration with Beez Kneez Honey House (check them out! They are also selling my greeting cards!

You can read more about the hive at St. Kate’s here: St. Kate’s beekeeping article

IMG_0236AND, to spread the word about the hive, they used my honey bee drawing on their t-shirt!  I received my shirt in the mail earlier this week, and have already found it to be the perfect field shirt.